Check out these amazing sellers confirmed for the next event!


A great selection of figures, toys, comics and geeky merch

Scripted Prints

Classic movie posters recreated in a unique scripted style

Sore Thumb

Games, consoles plushies, and japanese imports from Yorks finest!

Dinksy Toys

Games, Consoles and toys from your past to buy

Wickedly Familiar

Geeky handcrafted jewellery


Chibi art, geeky cushions, bead art and jewellery

Wrestling / Pop Zone

The best in wrestling merchandise and Funko pops!

Marvellous Comics

Retro toys, comics, t-shirts, mugs and other cool stuff!


Retro gaming magazines!

Marks Memory Bytes

Amazing frames based on old games and characters!

Nostalgia Supreme

Collectable figures and Pokemon goodies


Cosplay accessories, wigs, ears, paws, tails, steampunk accessories and jewellery

Helens Handcrafted Gifts

Great geeky gifts handmade by Helen

Toys of Tatooine

The best in vintage Star Wars toys and hard to find collectables

Mushroom Gamers

Consoles, games and some nice quirky additions to anyones collection

Inkin' Imp

Amazing art based on your favourite characters

Missing Link

Zelda jewellery, comics, figures and collectables.

C & S Toys

Toys, plushies and figures from Pokemon, Final Fantasy and other great series

Pixel Mart

Amazing hama bead gifts, frames, key rings and money boxes


Games, toys, Funko Pops, Lego and collectables

Toy Finder

Nothing but toys and figures from the one and only Toy Finder!

The Sentinel Squad UK

Loads of cool items all raising money for charity!


Nothing but Nintendo on sale here!

Twisted Headmistress

Art and crafts of your favourite characters!

Empirical Nonsense

Star Wars figures, toys and collectables

Top Notchy Design

Great range of mashup t shirts, cards, stickers and badges

Animation Cel Emporium

Hand painted animation cels with classic characters on

Nerd Cave

Great selection of toys, games, figures and more!